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Daniel Fast Recipes

It's a season when 1000's of followers in God are a weight Daniel Fast.

A number of you may be wandering by what the Daniel Fast is even about.  Continue reading, my pal.  I will explain as numerous particulars as you possibly can.


Daniel Fast is really a Biblically based partial fast according to two cases of Daniel’s fasting encounters

“Please test out your servants for 10 days, and allow them to provide us with veggies to consume and water to drink.” Daniel 1:12

“In individuals days I, Daniel, was mourning three full days. I ate no enjoyable food, no meat or wine arrived to my mouth, nor did I anoint myself whatsoever, till three whole days were satisfied.” [Daniel 10:1-2]

In line with the information that people glean from all of these references problems in later life the Daniel Fast diet plan is vegan in character, with a lot more limitations.

Within the first Scripture we have seen that Daniel ate only:

1. Only Fruits and Veggies

2. And drank ONLY water

Which may also imply that he ate no processed, artificial, or chemically changed meals.

In the second Scripture we discover Daniel’s diet didn't allow:

3. Animal items

4. Enjoyable/precious food, which may include all sweetening, including honey, agave syrup, maples syrup, etc.

5. Alcohol

From studying Jewish history additionally, you will discover all fasts excluded

6. Any type of leavened bread [anything created using yeast, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate, etc.]


Fasting isn't a diet! Fasting isn't accomplished for weight reduction! Fasting is definitely accomplished for spiritual reasons.

Fasting ought to be done having a PURPOSE!

Before beginning the short you need to choose the objective of your fast. With no purpose, you'll be simply going on a diet. Take time to prayerfully think about the reason of the fast.

What's your finest need at this time around?

Can your marriage grow more powerful? Are you currently facing financial hardships? Would you like to learn how to trust God and create a much deeper relationship with Him?

Take some time in prayer to select the objective of your fast.

When you're fasting, set time aside for prayer, meditation and Bible study. Have a journal of the facts, of the items God is talking with you. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you and also to reveal areas inside your existence that require purification.

What Goes On Throughout The Short?

Daniel Fast is carried out by people of any age for a lot of various reasons. However, whatever your need/reason is you can be positive that the entire being may benefit from this: Spirit, Soul and the body.

We're a triune being. Whenever we fast we learn how to allow God intended order into our existence: human is really a spirit that offers a soul and lives inside a body.


Our physiques are most certainly likely to be effected once we change what we eat for a 3 week period. For many the modification will probably be very dramatic. You may experience cleansing from food destructive addictions, for example: caffeine, processed or abnormal meals, chemicals and sugar.

The signs and symptoms that is included with detox process may be light or even more pronounced: head aches, leg cramps, fatigue, and nausea and malaise [light depression]. Because the body will detox the signs and symptoms will alleviate and you'll experience more energy, better sleep, clearer and sharper mind, and lots of other benefits.

Many people will slim down throughout the short. Many experience healings from various maladies, for example: diabetes, allergic reactions, joint disease, high cholesterol levels as well as cancer.


The soul is a vital host to our feelings, intellect and can. It's the place where we make choices, experience anger, fear, love, frustration and urges.

The soul is often known to as “the flesh” within the Bible.

Throughout the short your soul may digital rebel from the change in what you eat. You're going to get an chance to see and win this fight within the flesh, that might end up being probably the most effective training from the fast.


Our spirit is negligence us that's been born again whenever we gave our way of life to Christ. It ought to be the part that surrenders to God. If we are fully surrendered we are able to truly abide using the Father and also the Boy. Our spirit is stuffed with the Holy Spirit when we yield to Him.

The objective of the short would be to place our spirit in charge from the other two areas of us: soul and the body. When our flesh is acting by helping cover their a craving, we seize control from it with this spirit (consider as a parent would seize control of the edgy child).


Additionally to investing amount of time in prayer to select the main focus of the fast you need to take time to ready your body too.

Start reducing off stuff that you are feeling you can't do without: decrease caffeine, sugar, and processed meals. Try to get it done before the very first day from the fast. Or else you might experience strong detox signs and symptoms: head aches, cramps, nausea, etc.

I'd also highly recommend for you personally not to take a diet binge of your preferred food the evening before your fast starts! First, it truly implies that your flesh is more powerful than your spirit, next, it will likely be harder that you should start the short because processed, animal and fatty meals can create a craving that'll be hard to cope with for the future.

To organize for that fast, start consuming more water to purge out harmful toxins faster making the transition simpler.
Daniel Fast


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